2017 Year In Review

Aaahhhhh! We did it! It’s the first day of 2018!

Yesterday we celebrated New Year’s Eve by taking the kids to a tide pool and watching the sunset. The tide pool was not by accident. Just like with anything, it was a journey to get there.

When we first arrived to San Diego in September one of the absolute first things we did was visit a tide pool. We expertly checked the tides and picked the lowest time of the week. After all, we’re not dumb. We made the mistake of visiting during high tide before. Been there, done that, and have the medal to prove it.

One of our biggest lessons that day was context. We did make a good decision based on the week’s tide numbers. However, there were no tide pools to be found. We needed to look at a bigger picture. Once we started asking around, we realized how much better December and January are for visiting tide pools. Not September. We also learned how we can watch the moon as an alternative way to judge what the tides look like.

We must take a second to do a bit more digging to make sure we’re on the right track. Even if we aren’t, it’s okay to show up and make a memory. As long as you show up with the right mindset and an open heart. Our tide pool attempt in September holds a very special place in our hearts as yesterday’s epic tide pool experience.

2017 proved to be a large tide swing for us. A King Tide, if you will! Our business plan at the beginning of 2017 looked much different than it looks now. We grew individually, explored new ideas, and compromised. We repeat this process as life happens, relationships change, location(s) change, inspiration hits from a new angle, etc. The earth, sun, and moon aligned just right, and we made a leap. We shifted our focus to include more video, photo, and design. Areas we absolutely love. Areas we’ve worked together in literally the whole time we’ve been married, in one capacity or another. While doing so, we dug deep. Who are we? Who likes working with us? How can our creative skills and personal interests result in increased multimedia project engagement and delight for our clients and their audiences? How can we capitalize on this new focus and come to the table with even stronger support for our clients?

Looking back at 2017, the framework was built. Now it’s time to build the house.

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I’m an example of a vegetable soup mix of skills, accidentally culminated from my first and greatest passion: photography. Photography led to video, marketing, writing, and graphic design. As client requests morphed, that led to several website designs and then to instructing photography classes. Sprinkle in JavaScript coding, simply because it is fun to learn. Projects I’ve managed along the way have provided the good fortune for increasing knowledge of servers, browsers, databases, and other random tech stuff. Everything meshes together in one way or another as client needs ebb and flow. My visual content solutions are created based on current trends, technology, client needs, timeline, and budget.