You have messages that need to be relayed to your customers,
employees, and community.

We have the design tools to relay those messages, in a format that is easy for your audience to understand, enjoy, and share through videos, photos, infographics, or white papers.

Creation Process

Let’s start with a problem or question that must be solved for your audience.

We’ll get with your subject matter experts for content.
You review the raw content.
We add visual elements to support the approved content.

Once the completed project is approved, you are free to distribute as you see fit.

Media Pricing



Per Day
  •   Video and photo
  •   4 hrs onsite
  •   Text and graphics
  •   Edited final video



Per Day
  •   Photo
  •   Up to 4 hrs onsite
  •   Custom editing
  •   Full resolution

White Paper


*Based on content
  •   Title + 4 pages
  •   Content research
  •   Layout design
  •   Graphics & images



Content + Design
  •   Strip size
  •   Content research
  •   Up to 500 words
  •   Graphics & images

  • Videography

    Tell your story, show your space, and earn viewer’s trust.

  • Photography

    Show intricate details and repurpose for social media.

  • Design

    Custom designed to match your company’s existing look and feel.

  • Content

    Structured logically and written to match your company’s voice.

  • Visuals

    Created with the intent to wow and captivate your audience.

  • Reviews

    Two review cycles and timely delivery.

Our Promises


We promise to listen to your need and provide helpful recommendations.


We promise to support you as you regularly engage with your audiences.


We promise to help guide you in creating logical, concise content.


We promise to support from conception to delivery.

Next Step

Please trust us to support you in creating and designing messages that need to be shared with your customers, employees, and community.

Give us a shout! We hope to hear from you soon!

Chris and Dana Haines

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