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RV Life: Your big picture when planning the launch

Docked Sunday Inspiration
Post #3 

You’ve got this crazy idea about selling everything and hitting the road. You’ve told some family and some friends about your launch idea, and after the sidewards look you gained their support.

What does your family’s dream look like? Does it involve lots of travel? A little travel? A big rig? Small rig paid with cash? What do you hope to accomplish on the road that will put you farther ahead than you are now? Do you want to improve a skill? Become a thought leader in an industry? Start a blog and inspire others? Have enough money in the bank after x number of months to buy property?

Take the biggest, grandest part of your dream. And realize it is just that: the biggest, grandest part. It isn’t required to achieve in order to be successful.

Whaaatttt??? Traveling all continental US states or making the epic Alaska road trip is not what defines you or improves life. I’ve got news for you. In fact, traveling or visiting new places every day or trying to check off all of the tourist things to do in a state inside of a few weeks is NOT all that epic. It’s exhausting. And if you have kids or are working, it’s too stressful to play super human for more than a few days at a time.

I pose to you a question: What would improve your life during the head-down, quiet times compared to what your life is like right now?

What does a better version of your family look like?

Answering that question is honestly what your definition of epic success will be. Anything above and beyond that is a temporary bonus, and one(s) that should be appreciated.

For us, we did not define this success before we hit the road. However, it took only a few weeks on the road to say “All expectations have been exceed. We are blessed. This is what success looks like for us.”

What does that success include?

  • No more cubicle.
  • No more commute.

Do I need to really to add more bullet points than those two? If you have a job with a 2-4hr/day commute, you know exactly the challenge. That challenge where the 2hr drive home consists of you constantly repeating to yourself “Do not walk in the door upset.” You left work in a great mood, maybe even had a nice small win during the day. However, every minute during that commute slowly steals your joy. GRRRRRR.

Additional bonuses, just for fun:

  • More time with the kids.
  • More cuddle time with the dogs.
  • More walks.
  • Eating healthier.
  • Less stress.
  • Less physical aches and pains.
  • More random conversations.
  • Fewer chores.
  • Fewer responsibilities.
More. Time. To. Love. Each. Other.

There will be times when you are alone. Maybe times when you are in one spot for a fairly long period of time. Does this silence reflect a better version of your family?

Remember, your definition of success is to be something that changes your life. Changes that will continue to guide your life on the road or, equally, later down in the road if you return to a stick and brick. Changes that will continue to guide your attitude as a business owner or as an employee.

Define what success is for you and your family, and keep going forward!

If you’re still having trouble trying to figure out how to finance a RV life, watch for the post next Sunday.

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