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Logo Design: DONE!

Designed this logo for my friend Jordan Barta at The AH-HA Moment. His only request was: “I want something with a lightbulb.”

What’s in a logo? You want it to relay a little professional as well as personal about you. I spent about 30 minutes on Jordan’s blog to take in his tone and direction, color of the website, as well as a little back history on his life. That’s it. Bam, just like that an idea was born and we had a winner.

Jordan is very much a person that wants to inspire others to do their best, to go farther than they think they can go. Growth first starts with a problem (or a few hundred), right? From there you weigh your options and how they all connect, and eventually you have a break-through in a well-designed path. That’s the Ah-Ha Moment. The one that takes you one step farther. His logo illustrates all three steps. Starts with a question (question mark), you weigh your options and how they fit together (puzzle pieces), and then you have your Ah-Ha Moment (lightbulb).

Right now, Jordan is busy reading business books and every day he send out an email about his take-aways. Fun to follow! Check him out!


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