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Open For Business

Here we go, folks!! Let’s celebrate a birthday today!


The home page has the story, if you haven’t seen that yet. Services shows how we will make a living. The contact page and footer have a map that will be updated as we travel. At first I had about 5 images of Montgomery in there, but I couldn’t get them to all work so I had to remove them. Ugh.


Also, the shell of a portfolio page has been built, but it is not visible yet. For those of you who have been keeping track of how many days it has been since I’ve taken a picture (seriously, there are many of you!), I promise not to make this page live until I have new material. Meaning… better start this weekend?? Y’all have been VERY patient and I love you for that! Thanks for not giving up. Side note: Keep your fingers crossed for some banana babies before we move! That is one of my most favorite weeks in this house, for those of you that remember the daily pictures.


We have had SOOOOO much support from those we were able to open up to. I’m pretty sure everyone had the same reaction: “What the …???” After a few minutes of digestion, shock turned into “How can I help?” I think the greatest help we’ve received is simply lending an ear. Whether it was about logistics, my ideas for mobile learning, venting about how progression was put on hold for many weeks due to flooding earlier this year, etc. I’ve written many journal entries and we hope to release those on Wednesday. They will explain everything and fill in any missing details, promise.


Much much love,


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