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Dynamic Home Changes

Destination: Medina Lake, Texas


Yesterday we left Columbus, TX and drove 2.5 short hours to Medina Lake, Texas. Except, we are towing a huge RV with two dogs and two kids so we’ve come to expect double the travel time provide to us by Google. It is what it is.


This morning I woke up uncertain of where I was. This happened the first morning in Columbus as well as the first morning at Cagle. As I slowly wake up, I start identifying the various places I can go to write an outline for a short whiteboard video discussing some of the data we gathered yesterday during our solid 4 hour set-up.


Four hours? Yep, we broke a record yesterday! Longest set-up time ever. And that’s just to get the camper leveled, water and electricity hooked up. That does not include setting up the decks, emptying the toy box, or sewer. We still had an immediate errand in San Antonio to take care of before day’s end. Therefore, the kids are sleeping in the living room and we will finish our chores later this morning.


It’s raining outside. Cannot write at the table.

The kids are sleeping. Cannot write in the living room.

Husband is sleeping. Cannot write in the bedroom… oh, yes I can! He woke up and said “Turn a light on, I don’t mind at all.” Yay!


Yesterday, first off, we had trouble finding a 50  amp site. After driving through the park twice we settled on 30 amps. After all, it’s a stepping stone to boondocking and running solar only, right? That is about 20 amps. Did I mention we are soaking wet and kind of cold? After picking a site and attempting to level the camper, without success, for two hours we decide to move spots. It rains off and on, continues to drop in temperature, and it’s dark. Patience between the two adults becomes… well…


Things have changed, and continue to change.


How can you describe a family unit strengthening? How can you detail the reason for why a family unit needs to strengthen when everyone functions just fine under normal circumstances? I’m not really sure where or what these changes will exactly entail, but they are in motion now.


No one lost their cool yesterday. We were tired and frustrated, but everyone helped in the cold, dark rain.


After three weeks of being on the road, schedules are finally starting to take shape. Everyone is finding their little niche. Expectations are understood and accepted. We all work together. There is more time to listen to ideas and dreams presented by the kids. There is more time to take walks, explore, and spend time outside getting our Vitamin Sun. There is more time to ask questions and interpret answers patiently. The good morning and good night hugs and kisses are sweeter and more meaningful.


After the camper was as set up for the night as it was going to get, I walk into the camper and for the first time it feels like home. It’s our safe place, and its just enough room to provide us with everything we love and want.


This morning after I realized where I was, I smiled big, reflecting on yesterday. We all pulled through. Everyone is safe and happy. My loves are under this roof, and we are all happy to be here. We are all looking forward to the sun shining (eventually) and to be able to explore the campground and this area of Texas.


Life is simple. Life is good.

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