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Destination Freedom

Destination freedom, anyone?
Have you ever felt freedom? I think we felt it for the first time today! 
So many times we have been asked “What is your first stop?” Our response: “Columbus, just outside of Houston along I–10.” Ooooh the boring looks we received!
“We are basically killing time between now and Thanksgiving. We already have a family vacation planned with Chris’ family in Big Bend, and we cannot miss it.” 
The boring/blank stares slowly faded.
We were in Columbus for a little over two weeks. We drove to Houston way too many times to finish up chores.
We were at Medina Lake for two weeks. We drove to Houston once, and dreaded every minute, to finish up a chore (this one was actually to go to a tax office in Livingston to pay taxes on the scooters). 
FINALLY, we’re in Big Bend! Vacation time. For a whopping 4 days. 
Friday, Black Friday – it’s a great day to travel by the way, we head out. We had planned it that way when the reservation was first made as we needed two days to travel back to Houston before work on Monday. Proof right here that life changes, and can change fast! Not always bad changes either.
So we’re on the open, empty, road headed to New Mexico. Our chores are done, taxes paid, small RV-life problems fixed, unlimited WiFi, we have a refrigerator full of food, and we’re all wearing extremely supportive hiking boots. 
What happens if we want to stay longer in NM?
What happens if we want to shorten our stay in NM?
The road is ours! No major obligations at the moment.
How did this happen? Is this for real???
Yep. Equally invigorating and scary. More invigorating though.
My second biggest lessons at Rowan was how projects do not happen overnight. My first biggest lesson at Rowan was that you may not end up as far West as expected, but as long as you end up West of where you started you are on a path to success and all you need to do is take additional time to continue that trek West. 
Who knew that the feeling of freedom would happen 5 weeks after we pulled out of our ex-driveway? Life sure is full of surprises, and is constantly checking our expectations. Checks and balances!
Anyone else out there have dreams that require your attention, effort, research, and patience to take that first step West?

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