Docked: Lake Medina, Texas


3rd docked location on our journey.

Our two week stay at Lake Medina Thousand Trails was beautiful! We enjoyed a few lakeside sunsets, several walks, and saw no less than 30 deer every day. Again, it was quite busy still finishing up “chores” that followed us from Houston. One thing we did was get our motorcycle license and purchased two scooters before said day trip require a 3 day trip. Immediately following, we took a long day trip to Livingston to pay taxes and registration on the scooters, even after making several attempts to pay online, over the phone, or at a local tax office. It felt like it was taking forever to “leave Houston” in multiple ways. Almost all of the items on our to-be-improved upon list were taken care of (yay!). We visited with Dana’s Dad and Stepmom several times, and they came into the park too. We celebrated Thanksgiving, kiddo birthdays and Christmas all in one day with them. We took the kiddos to Sea World. Photography was finally starting to get into swing.