Docked: San Diego, CA


26th docked location on our journey.

Who gets to spend over 6 months in the San Diego area?! We have a campground membership that grants us access to a campground a little outside of San Diego. We hopped from that campground to a regional (paid) campground and occasionally up to the LA area to another campground within our membership. Logistics aside, let’s talk camera equipment. The first thing we did when we arrived to San Diego was trade in all Nikon equipment and switch to Sony. The expense hurt, but the video quality with the Nikon camera was horrible. HORRIBLE! We went from quite an impressive array of lenses to one lens each. Though it was kind of boring, we were forced to explore San Diego with what we had. Getting back to basics isn’t a bad thing. With improved video equipment, we focused on that and took several trips to the beach or Balboa Park to practice. For Christmas the kids received Sony cameras also! We were officially a Sony shooting family. Pretty cool. It’s so much fun watching them compose images and edit. They both, however, refuse to try video. One of the coolest people we met in San Diego was Jay Manning – a fellow Sony shooter. We did a few sunrise expeditions with him. It was so fun shooting alongside a photographer with quite a large following! He was a constant source of inspiration to us. Our #1 reason for going to San Diego was to improve our video and photo skills because of the weather and beautiful landscape. We’ll forever be grateful for the time spent there. We indeed left with the skills we’d hope to have, and at our next docked location we purchased a few additional lenses and stabilizers.