Docked: Salt Lake City, UT


20th docked location on our journey.

What an opportunity when you leave one destination to see family to visit another where you have the absolute pleasure of meeting people you’ve been doing business with for several months! We’ll never forget the warm welcoming, and the free t-shirts weren’t too bad either. Whenever we wear them we smile big and remember our few days in their city. On video conference calls we’d turn our computers around so they could see the view we were seeing (Yosemite Valley!). Every conversation started with “Where are you guys? Do you have any new pictures?” Work is so cool when both sides of the conversation are charging each other with energy and excitement. Aside from work, we loved riding the light rail and walking the crazy, huge outdoor mall. The grounds of the Salt Lake Temple are absolutely breathtaking — just wow! The shadow casting an arrow towards one of the doors was pretty cool; we had to spend a few minutes attempting to capture the arrow just right.