Docked: Silver City, New Mexico


5th docked location on our journey.

We needed a place to say between Big Bend and Arizona, naturally. We picked this location in New Mexico and planned a few activities so we could legitimately add the New Mexico sticker to the map on the RV. Christmas light parade, Gila Cliff Dwellings National Park, and downtown Silver City consisted of our activities. Weather started turning cold. The kids learned quite a bit about Billy the Kid in Silver City plus some additional research. Definitely a very artsy city. We would not recommend staying at this campground, but we’re not sure if there are better (nicer neighborhood) options. The park was run by a very nice couple from Washington who were work camping hosts for several months. Speaking to them opened our eyes to other journey options. It looks different for everyone. Even though we paid for seven nights, we left two nights early. Upon exiting the park, Chris had to do some precise navigational moves to get the big camper out of the park and impressed the heck out of some fellow RV’ers.