Docked: Manteca, California


12th docked location on our journey.

This stop was not one of epic landscapes, but rather a practical stop. We visited with a client in Santa Clara as well as with family in Lodi. Chris even met up with his old boss from 15+ years ago! The park itself was small, quaint, and along the San Joaquin river. This is where we learned what the term “river rat” really means. There were a few people living on the river in boats; one of which was making meth. We know this because we saw a threatening note on a vehicle parked outside of the campground during one of our morning walks. That was a little shocking, needless to say. Inside of camp our son caught a catfish, but a fox stole it out of the cooler that night. We’ve upgraded the cooler since then! The park had a few pup foxes and we enjoyed watching them in the evenings. One of the highlights of this stay was visiting Bass Pro Shop, Costco, and the outlet malls. Fun story: at the outlet mall we all purchased a few summer outfits. Little did we know, we would not need them as our journey was taking us north where Washington summers are more like a Texas winter.