Docked: Lotus, California


13th docked location on our journey.

As far as places to park your RV, this one takes the cake! As you might imagine, it did not happen without work. The entrance looked like an average tourist stop camouflaged with all kinds of signage, so we drove right by it. In addition, the tight turns and hills inside of the campground made it quite difficult to maneuver a large RV. Moments like these might make one wish for a small 30′ 5th wheel. However, once we were parked, we enjoyed our view on the South Fork of the American River. Every day we saw groups of tubers pass. They would yell and wave, having such a great time. Chris tested the waters, but had he stayed in the water a few seconds longer his body probably would have gone into shock! Super cold! Instead of participating, we simply enjoyed watching and returning waves day after day. We explored the rich gold rush history, enjoying every second of it. The kids even loved learning about the local history. Lake Tahoe, of course, had to be visited (if only for two hours).