Docked: Littlefield, AZ


28th docked location on our journey.

We were only here for four nights, but we did real boondocking! No water, sewer, or electricity. But do not be dismayed! Our RV is totally set up for this. We have solar on the roof, a generator, and large holding tanks. The hardest part of this stay was that the campground has only restrooms — no showers. So, we had to take crazy fast showers. That’s only fun the first time; it gets old really fast. The views, however, more than made up for it. We stayed on the Virgin River in a canyon that mimicked the colors of the Grand Canyon. We drove this highway almost two years earlier going from Salt Lake City to Las Vegas, and had no idea we’d ever end up back there! To unexpectedly camp in places that once-upon-a-time awed is truly a surprise and delight experience. Little things like this remind us to remain flexible. Not just in our lifestyle, but in our hearts. Because we were here only four nights, we don’t have too many images to show. But we did get the drone out!