Docked: Las Vegas, NV


21st docked location on our journey.

What road trip would be complete without introducing your kids to how raunchy Las Vegas can be after the sun sets?! Yes, we are those kind of parents. There is, however, more to the story than that. Of course. Dana’s brother drove up from Phoenix and a long lost cousin that neither of them had seen in over 20yrs drove a few hours to make the reunion complete. We have a group photo with some random dude in the back that did a fantastic job of photo bombing us — we didn’t realize it until much too late. He’s forever part of the family even though we have no idea what his name is or where he’s from. If you’ve read through many of these docked photo galleries, you’ll see that almost every stop was either to visit family or meet with clients. While it’s been the greatest imaginable journey, we were all quite spent and very much looking forward to our next stop where we’d hang out for a few months.