Docked: Cottonwood, AZ


22nd docked location on our journey.

Our third stay in Cottonwood! That’s because we leased an RV spot here for all of 2016. Truth be told, we needed a basecamp for peace of mind. We weren’t sure if we’d actually complete all of our stops that we had planned for the year. Somehow, someway, we completed the adventure. Returning to Cottonwood with all of the new memories in tow was such a milestone! As life would have it, our few months here were not as boring as we’d hoped. We took on a few new contracts, one of which we traveled to Las Vegas for a day to meet with our contact. After Vegas we made a not-so-efficient loop back to Cottonwood, taking us through Lake Powell and Page, AZ. Dana’s brother met us in Page. A few weeks later Dana’s aunt and uncle & twin cousins from Washington would travel to Cottonwood to visit! This makes three states inside of only 11 months we’ve visited with them. If you think all of Arizona is warm in the winter, our attempt to show off Sedona to the visitors proves otherwise. Brrrrr! To round out our few months of “exhaling” (Yeah right!), we drove to San Diego for a few days for a conference. Words cannot describe how thankful we are to have met so many incredible people in the Learning & Development field.