Docked: Lake Conroe, TX


25th docked location on our journey.

After 14 months of solid travel, it was time to stay put for a while. Just as we did the previous year in Cottonwood, AZ, we leased an RV spot for the year so we wouldn’t have to move spots. This was our moment to exhale and reflect, and we did just that. There was not too much excitement for us other than a few day trips and one short three-day trip to Alabama. By far, the best part of our stay here was a day trip to the Hill Country. There is nothing like Texas wildflowers in spring! Inside the campground, we found such joy in watching a family of ducklings grow. Many evenings we would walk to the dock and watch the sunset. These moments remind you that everything is just as it should be, at least for this season. Change is always on the horizon.