Docked: Cottonwood, Arizona


7th docked location on our journey.

Let’s go north to the snow! That was a bit of a surprise. It’s been a very cold winter, and the first 5 weeks of our stay we’d head in around 3pm. The temperature would drop fast and hard. Too cold to even enjoy a campfire. Slowly, we were able to stay out until 5pm on select days. Winter most places is limiting, and we definitely did not think through how limiting it would be. We now understand why most RV’ers go to Florida. Most weeks included only one day of venturing out and only a few hours of working outside in the sun. Because of this, we decided it is not worth spending money traveling when we couldn’t fully experience the area. Nonetheless, we had a ton of fun. This seven week stay included day trips to Sedona, Grand Canyon, Prescott, Payson, Cottonwood, and Tuzigoot. We have found a favorite pizza place in Cottonwood and absolutely love that little town. During one visit to Prescott we all thought we were going to die because it was so cold. How do people live up north, like Newfoundland? We visited with both of Dana’s aunts, and one of those visits included towing her jeep out of the snow. The dually earned its pay that day. It’s been an adventure!