Docked: Columbus, Texas


2nd docked location on our journey.

Two week stay, but it was incredibly fast with lots of “chores” to finish. We went to Houston every week for something. Most importantly, we wrote a list about a mile long of small things we wanted to improve on by adding a few additional tools to our road tool bag for work, school, photography, and boondocking. The park was great, and the staff was awesome! We even made a few friends. Dana’s Dad visited and participated in the Halloween festivities hosted by the park. During the two weeks, the Lower Colorado River rise and fell twice, flooding some of the surrounding areas. We took this opportunity to show the kids how flooded waters change flow directions depending on if it is rising or falling and were able to apply this to a previous safety kayaking class we all took. At this point, as parents, we were pretty excited about the first hand learning the kids were able to experience.