Arming you to support your employees, customers, and community by answering their greatest questions and concerns though interactive learning campaigns.

Boondocked Media designs and develops short, scheduled campaigns using our exclusive time-saving content creation formula.

Additional services include graphic design, commercial aerial photography/videography, and creative still photography.

Content creation made simple!

You have a problem or question that must be solved for your audience.

You have subject matter experts.
You have reviewers and approvers.
You also have to work with IT and possibly HR, Marketing and/or Legal to get the solution approved.

You’re a week starting the process.
AND… you’ve realized it is going to take much longer than expected.
AND… you have more than one course to put out as soon as possible.

Courses can be long and complicated in every aspect.
Everything from asking an SME to help relay the content, to getting the content approved, to developing the course, to testing, to another round of approval.

That’s why we developed a series of five structured suggestions and a powerful framework to walk you through each course in a swift manner.

Saves you time and frustration.
Saves your SME time and frustration.
Saves your approvers time and frustration.

Our solution for you!

How often do you need to delivery solutions to your employees, customers, and community?
How frequently do you need to be in contact with each of your audiences, showing support?

Our subscription based plan will support you throughout the entire year!
This includes development, marketing, and revision of your course.

Yes! You will have the tools to market each course internally or externally!

  • Connector.


    10-15 minute, interactive course.

  • Connector.

    Video: Course Story

    In a short video, relay the purpose and helpful information.

  • Connector.

    Posters: Drip Marketing

    Three posters for email announcements, social media posts, or your intranet.

  • Connector.

    Copy: Blog Post

    Detailed course description copy for you to use in emails or inside of a blog post.

  • Connector.

    Course: Refresh

    Let’s freshen up the course at 8 months to extend the shelf life!

  • Connector.

    Poster: Refresh

    One updated poster with your course refresh.

All you need to decide is your course delivery frequency!


Do you have more of a traditional need to develop 20-45 minute courses to deliver to just your employees? Maybe you even need a little help getting set up with an LMS?

We’ve got you covered there. We have worked with companies across the US in many industries, creating various projects that sit on an internal server, LMS, or website.

  • Connector.

    Sales Training

    new hires or newly promoted

  • Connector.


    new hires or contractors

  • Connector.

    Safety Training

    field employees

  • Connector.

    Procedure Training

    explain a particular process

  • Connector.

    Policy Updates

    communicate changes globally

  • Connector.

    Compliance Training

    yearly mandated from HR & Legal

These are just a few examples of common needs.
We can design just about anything to fit your content.

Our Promises


We promise to stay current in technology, and provide reliable solutions.


We promise to support you as you regularly engage with your audiences.


We promise to help guide you in creating short, understandable content.


We promise to support you as you deliver campaigns and courses to your audiences.

Next Step

Please trust us to support you in delivering learning campaigns to your employees, customers, and community.

Give us a shout! We hope to hear from you soon!

Chris and Dana Haines

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