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Unexpected Discovery After Discovery

So… I’ve turned into a podcast nerd. This post combines the experience of our boondocking night in the Mohave Desert plus a podcast I listened to this morning. 

Just say yes. Yes to boondocking. Yes to exploring. 

Check. Did that. Wrote the blog post. 

Do you know that there was once a phone booth in the middle of the Mohave Desert? The podcast discussing the phone booth, is such a fun story! At the end, it really got me thinking. 

We were boondocking right next to an abandoned mine. What are the chances it was the same mine the lady in the podcast worked at? What are the chances the phone booth was right there where we were at? What are the chances the lady lived in the small village of run-down, old homes we saw? 

How close were we to this story? 

Well, the phone booth was in close proximity, but not right where we were. Nonetheless, in a world as big as we live in, we were only a few miles from the phone booth. I wonder what was there, used by the miners, several years ago in our exact spot? 

In addition to saying “yes,” we must always appreciate and preserve the world around us. You never know what was there before, and you never know what will arrive after we leave. 

Life is amazing, and we really aren’t all that far from each other nor are we radically different from those that have traveled before us. 

Hope you enjoy the podcast as much as I did! 

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