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Thanksgiving Thankfulness

Last week we celebrated Thanksgiving with my parents by marriage. They, along with other parents of sorts, have been such an impact in our life. More so recently than previous years. Is it because of what we are doing? Yes and no. Yes because this is quite an undertaking and has stimulated tons of conversations. No because hearts have changed in recent years that have led us here.
We went around the table and said what we are thankful for. Family, friends, good health, camping, etc. were all on the list. Specifically, I was thankful for improved relationships. Relationships with parents in particular.
It is hard to put into words how much things have changed. They just have. Expectations and respect are perfectly aligned.
Aside from parents, relationships with friends have changed. Though, at the moment, relationships have not necessarily improved the past several weeks. Rather, they strengthened before we left Houston. It seems trust is one of the greatest variables in relationships with friends. I’m thankful to have experienced trust growing before our very own eyes, overnight practically.
We are blessed to have so many wonderful, loving people in our lives. We are also blessed to have hearts that welcome new people, and hearts that try to accept everyone no matter where the come from.
In San Marcos, Chris and I pulled over to take a courthouse pic. He found a prime spot downtown, and decided to stay in the truck. His words to me were: “Please don’t talk to any bums.” “Whaaaat??? Me???” I did not make it around two sides of the square without speaking to a bum. He suggested I read a certain plaque. One thing led to another and soon I was showing him a few images on the camera I had taken at that courthouse. A few moments later I was smiling, feeling quite fulfilled as we both had equally contributed to a very short conversation, and headed back to the truck.
“I asked you to do one thing. I look up, and there you are … talking to a bum.”
“I guess I like bums! And besides, I don’t know for sure that he is a bum. It doesn’t matter to me.” 
People are people. We all make this world go round. I hope we can continue to grow relationships and help people along the way during this amazing journey.
Lastly, to our parents, we love you all so very much. Thank you for your guidance, support, time, and listening ears.

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